What is EARTHQUAKE Liquid Humic?

To best answer this question, it helps to understand the process of humification. Humification is the natural conversion of organic matter into humic substances by microorganisms in the soil. To a certain degree, this is happening in your fields (the breakdown of organic matter) and further supports the practice of using cover crops and no-till farming. A smaller scale example of this a compost pile (humus) that is eventually added to a garden. The decomposition of organic matter in soil is dependent on several factors, including compaction levels, moisture content of the soil, the temperature of the soil, and active soil biology.

Humic acids could be described as “ancient humus” and are the final result of the breakdown of organic materials. Most commercially available humic substances are derived from leonardite coal, which is a highly oxidized brown coal and has a high humic acid content. Humic acids are a complex of organic acids and molecular functional groups that carry a net negative charge, acting as a chelating agent in your soil, causing insoluble and unstable compounds in the soil to remain available for plant uptake. Understand that humic substances, which are often just referred to as “humic acid,” consist of both humic and fulvic acids; both different in molecular size, function, and solubility.

Humic substances have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Chelate (bind) soil nutrients
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Stimulate soil biological activity
  • Solubilize minerals
  • Improve soil structure
  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Improve rooter development
  • Enhance germination

If Perry Galloway sounds familiar to you, it may be because you have seen him on the TV series The Podfathers or heard him speak at various events across the country. Perry is a sixth-generation farmer from Gregory, Arkansas, where he grows corn, soybeans, and wheat. In addition to his farming operation, Perry also operates Broadview Aviation, an aerial application service, as well as the Hefty Seed dealership in Augusta, Arkansas.

Perry first hit 100-bushel beans (108) in 2015, and since then has consistently yielded impressive numbers. “A lot of factors contribute to us reaching our best yields, but I am a big believer in the use of inoculants, the benefits of fungicides, and paying attention to soil health.” Perry was one of the first high-yielding growers to embrace soil health and for the past three growing seasons, has applied EARTHQUAKE Liquid Humic at planting.

Other Sugar Creek Ag products that Perry has used on his farm include Triple 8 Plus, DropKick 21, Payback and Micro-N-Rich. Joey York and Jared Wood, at the Hefty Seed dealership in Augusta, have also gotten very good feedback from their customers who are applying Triple 8 Plus on corn, beans, and rice.

“I have known the guys at Sugar Creek Ag for about 15 years now and have always found them to be honest and knowledgeable of the products they promote and do not hesitate to recommend them to any farmer that would ask for my opinion.”

Perry Galloway is one of the first high-yielding farmers to have embraced the use of humics and other products that promote soil health.

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What Farmers Are Saying

I have used Sugar Creek Ag products on corn, beans, and wheat, and have been very pleased with the performance. In addition to Triple 8 Plus, DropKick 21, WILDFIRE, and INSECT-X-CITER, I use EARTHQUAKE Plus to build my soils for future crops.

Darren Wills

Wills Farms, LLC, Waddy Kentucky

My second season as a Sugar Creek FSA was even better than my first. The more farmers I get using the product, the more calls I am getting just from what they are seeing in the field. The products perform and they are great guys to work with.

Marcus Marner

Independent Sugar Creek Ag Field Sales Representative (FSR), Worthington, Indiana

Sugar Creek Ag products have helped us improve our soil and the quality of our grass in a cost-efficient way. We use EARTHQUAKE, Forage Factor, and WILDFIRE, which has made it possible for us to cut fields we haven't cut for nearly 30 years due to low production.

Andrew George

WG Ranch, Buffalo, Texas

Sugar Creek AG