I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Sugar Creek Ag website. We are focused on providing quality products at a cost that farmers can afford to use. We urge folks to also follow us on Facebook, as we often share more information and feedback that doesn’t make it to our website. Our products are sold through a growing network of dealers and our team of independent Field Sales Representatives. If you are located in an area where we do not have a dealer or an FSA, you can also order direct from Sugar Creek Ag. If this is your situation, you may also want to consider becoming an FSA. It is a great program and worth checking out.

We offer products that focus on efficiency; whether it is making your soils more efficient or the products you already use, more efficient. Humic products, bio-stimulants, foliar fertility, Nano products, and a number of specialty products from both Grower’s Source and Aqua-Yield. All of these products and more are available for our dealers and for our FSAs. We hope to hear from you soon.

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We offer products that can be applied to all soil types and a variety crops. We believe in doing what is right for the customer by providing quality products, backed by service.

Learn more about our FSR Program

This is an ideal opportunity for anyone that knows farmers or is a farmer, as many of our FSRs are farmers themselves. It is worth your time to inquire about our FSR Program! (Not available in all markets)


What Farmers Are Saying

I have used Sugar Creek Ag products on corn, beans, and wheat, and have been very pleased with the performance. In addition to Triple 8 Plus, DropKick 21, WILDFIRE, and INSECT-X-CITER, I use EARTHQUAKE Plus to build my soils for future crops.

Darren Wills

Wills Farms, LLC, Waddy Kentucky

My second season as a Sugar Creek FSA was even better than my first. The more farmers I get using the product, the more calls I am getting just from what they are seeing in the field. The products perform and they are great guys to work with.

Marcus Marner

Independent Sugar Creek Ag Field Sales Representative (FSR), Worthington, Indiana

Sugar Creek Ag products have helped us improve our soil and the quality of our grass in a cost-efficient way. We use EARTHQUAKE, Forage Factor, and WILDFIRE, which has made it possible for us to cut fields we haven't cut for nearly 30 years due to low production.

Andrew George

WG Ranch, Buffalo, Texas

Sugar Creek AG