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1 Gallon

Herbicide and defoliant enhancer! WILDFIRE is an economical way to extend and enhance your herbicides. It has continually proven itself to both growers and applicators by giving more complete and extended kills with the low application rates. WILDFIRE is a special formulation designed to create synergy with other chemicals to save costs by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the spray application. A key to effective spraying is getting the product to stick to the plant. The specialized surfactant in WILDFIRE helps with not only the chemical coverage on the plant, but helps lengthen the duration of the effects on the plant.

  • Saves time and money!
  • 1 gallon treats 800 gallons of tank mix
  • A product people try once and then use season after season
  • When applied at 10 gallon rate, WILDFIRE costs $1.06 per acre!


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