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2.5 Gallon, 250 Gallon

REVAMP is a vital tool, available for growers who value soil health and want to maximize their crop’s potential with a revamped and revitalized microbial profile. It is no secret that soil activity is the key to unlocking higher quality and higher quantity yields. REVAMP contains a proprietary blend of enzymes, humic and fulvic acids, carbohydrates, kelp extracts, lignosulfonates, iron and zinc; all working together to maximize beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

  • Before considering to add microbes to your soil, stimulate the ones you already have!
  • 1 gallon of covers 10 acres (12.8 ounces per acre) – Best applied prior to, or at planting. It can also be applied at burndown. Farmer Cost is $12.00 per acre
  • When applying “at planting” with your starter program, add 5 ounces per acre in-furrow or 2×2. Farmer Cost is $4.69 per acre
  • For use on all soil types and for all crops, including hay fields and pastures and can be applied with other products offered by Sugar Creek Ag


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