Nano K


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2.5 Gallon, 275 Gallon

NanoK® delivers potassium acetate energized by Aqua-Yield® NanoShield® Technology to provide potassium to crops all season long. Potassium is a vital nutrient for plant growth. Applying NanoK® ensures a strong plant structure resulting in enhanced crop quality and yield. NanoK® also decreases drought stress and boosts the plant’s immune system to fight off disease.

Product Benefits

  • Delivers potassium acetate energized by NanoShield® Technology
  • Improves overall crop quality
  • Strengthens plant cells
  • Mitigates drought stress with water regulation and through less salt applied
  • Highly compatible with most liquid fertilizers
  • Clean, easy handling and safe for the environment

Application Rates

4 ounces per acre = $7.19 per acre


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