Nano CS


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2.5 Gallon, 275 Gallon

The nanoliquid crop starter enhancer NanoCS is a robust combination of NanoShield® Technology, balanced NPK, zinc, and biostimulant in one easy to use product. NanoShield® Technology delivers essential nutrients into the seed for rapid germination and growth. Continued uptake occurs in young seminal roots, improving the amount of nutrients getting into the young seedling for quicker emergence.

Product Benefits

  • Delivers a blend of NPK, zinc, and biostimulant energized by NanoShield® Technology
  • Robust plant and seedling vigor
  • Improved emergence and better establishment
  • Less salt applied
  • Highly compatible with most liquid starters
  • Clean, easy handling and safe for the environment

Application Rates

6 ounces per acre = $8.67 per acre


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