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OVERHAUL is a soil detoxifier that will remediate sodium levels, and help make potassium and phosphorus more available. Utilizing OVERHAUL in your agricultural program can increase nitrogen efficiency, increase biological activity, help break up compacted layers, increase the development of the plant above and below the surface. OVERHAUL will stimulate beneficial bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms which will unlock nutrients that have been tied up in your soil.
  • For general soil conditioning and sodium reduction, apply 32 oz per acre in the spring, summer or fall
  • For the best response, apply in the fall after harvesting, or thirty days prior to planting
  • Soil Remediation: at first sign of chemical stress, apply 32 ounces per acre to help recover plants and return the crop to its pre-damaged condition

“The name says it all, if you have a problem field that needs an overhaul, this is literally the product to start with when beginning a soil remediation, soil building program. It is also good for areas that may have chemical carry over or other unexpected issue.”

Taylor Marret

Sugar Creek Ag

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We offer products that can be applied to all soil types and a variety crops. We believe in doing what is right for the customer by providing quality products, backed by service.

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What Farmers Are Saying

I have used Sugar Creek Ag products on corn, beans, and wheat, and have been very pleased with the performance. In addition to Triple 8 Plus, DropKick 21, WILDFIRE, and INSECT-X-CITER, I use EARTHQUAKE Plus to build my soils for future crops.

Darren Wills

Wills Farms, LLC, Waddy Kentucky

My second season as a Sugar Creek FSA was even better than my first. The more farmers I get using the product, the more calls I am getting just from what they are seeing in the field. The products perform and they are great guys to work with.

Marcus Marner

Independent Sugar Creek Ag Field Sales Representative (FSR), Worthington, Indiana

Sugar Creek Ag products have helped us improve our soil and the quality of our grass in a cost-efficient way. We use EARTHQUAKE, Forage Factor, and WILDFIRE, which has made it possible for us to cut fields we haven't cut for nearly 30 years due to low production.

Andrew George

WG Ranch, Buffalo, Texas

Sugar Creek AG